11 Fruits and Vegetables Perfect for Summer Grilling

When most people think of summer grilling, a few staples come to mind for the barbecue: rib eye steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers. But grilling is great for fruits and vegetables as well. The grilling process draws out their natural sweetness and adds flavor without fat, sugar or sodium.

Here’s a list of produce that pairs well with the grill.


Pineapple is a perfect choice for barbecue grilling and is surprisingly versatile. This recipe for pineapple spears with lime and honey uses honey to sweeten and tart lime to balance this juicy tropical fruit


Grilling romaine produces a tender smoky flavor while the leaves remain firm and crispy. You’ll never go back to a basic salad after trying this grilled Caesar salad with chicken.


Take advantage of peach season in Tennessee by grilling a few at your next cookout. This recipe for grilled peaches with fresh raspberry sauce sounds like summer in a bowl.


Asparagus makes a quick and easy side dish. Toss some spears on the grill and they’ll be ready in 5-10 minutes. This simple recipe is packed with flavor.

Discover more recipes perfect for grilling season.


Maybe you can get behind grilled romaine, but watermelon? As strange as it sounds, watermelon is great on the grill. Try this recipe with yogurt for an unexpected first course the next time you fire up the charcoal.


This sweet summer fruit makes for a picturesque kebab to throw over the flame. Try these grilled strawberry kebabs with lemon-mint sauce for a refreshing summer treat.


Bananas taste even sweeter when you give them a little heat. Up the ante with a light smoky touch. These honey-rum grilled bananas are an easy recipe that is sure to impress your guests.


The grill softens up the corn kernels without making them mushy and imparts a deep flavor you’ll love. Try this grilled corn with chili powder and lime for a healthy side dish.


Tomatoes are another Tennessee favorite in the summer. This recipe, which includes garlic and cheese, makes the perfect versatile side dish, especially for Italian food.

Zucchini and Summer Squash

A griller’s standby, zucchini and summer squash are abundant and affordable in the summer. This zucchini and squash recipe uses fresh basil for flavor and goes perfectly with just about any summer side dish, especially potato salad.

What are your favorite vegetables or fruits to grill? Share your recipes in a comment below!

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