4 Non-Cringeworthy Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Teenager

Does spending time with your teenager consist of your child staring at their phone while you desperately try to find something to talk about and keep their interest? Say goodbye to awkward silences by finding activities you both can enjoy.

Here are four ideas to help you spend more quality time with your teen.

Create a Ritual

Maybe take your daughter for a pedicure every other Saturday or your son for pizza every Sunday night. These standing “dates” let your teen rely on these moments of connection. He or she will know exactly when there’s a chance to talk openly about their feelings with you.

Try Something New

Sharing a new experience is a great equalizer because it tends to push both people out of their comfort zones. You could do something highly adventurous like rock climbing or white water rafting, or try something that’s more laid back like trail running in a local park. Or, stick closer to home and try your hand at growing a vegetable garden together.

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Volunteer Together

Find an organization that speaks to both you and your teen and volunteer there once a month, once a week — whatever works for your schedules. Volunteer to walk dogs at an animal rescue center or help pick up litter alongside a highway. Click here for more ideas on where you and your teen can give back.

Ask for a Lesson

Your teen can teach you many things, especially when it comes to technology, but don’t limit yourself to electronics. Ask your teen to teach you about something he or she finds fascinating. Allowing your teen to teach you something helps assure them that you genuinely care about their interests.

What methods have you used to stay connected with your teen? Let us know in the comments below!

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