5 Healthy Chili Recipes to Keep You Cozy This Winter

When it comes to warming up during the winter months, few dishes can really take the edge off like healthy chili recipes. The best thing about chili is that if you can chop it, you can cook it.

All the ingredients cook in a single pot, leaving you with minimal clean up. A healthy chili recipe can be an easy dish, not to mention perfect for those times when you need to use up the contents of the veggie drawer.

Cook Up Smoky Goodness

In this smoked sausage chili recipe, smoked sausages are used to infuse the chili with heartwarming smoky goodness. You can use any smoked sausage, from traditional German farmer’s sausages to spicy Italian. This recipe also makes use of molasses in order to create a sweet counterbalance to the heat and smoke.

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Take Inspiration from the Tropics

Inspired by warmer climates, this chili recipe captures the essence of Cuba. I suggest starting off with a traditional sofrito, which is a sauce consisting of chopped green peppers, onions and tomatoes cooked down with a splash of vegetable oil until the ingredients blend together. Substitute traditional red beans with black beans for an extra hit of fiber and protein.

Subtract the Meat, Add in the Spice

Unsure about making a chili without meat? Try this vegetarian chili recipe from celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse. Though there’s no meat in this recipe, there’s plenty of heat from the serrano chilies and cayenne. The chili can be served over brown rice for additional fiber (and a way to temper the serrano-stoked flames).

Give Your Chili the Tuscan Treatment

For your next cookout, take inspiration from flavors far away from the South. Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis channels her Italian roots with a white bean and chicken chili that uses white cannellini beans, Swiss chard and ground chicken. Add a few fennel seeds for a savory-sweet accent and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese prior to serving.

Whip Up Turkey Chili in 30 Minutes

Have a craving for chili and don’t want to wait hours for it to finish in the slow cooker? Try this healthy turkey chili recipe that’s ready in a half-hour. This recipe doesn’t sacrifice flavor with ingredients like chili powder, onions and hot sauce. The ground turkey also gives this recipe a boost of flavor and protein.

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