An Ounce of Prevention: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Health Benefits?

With the start of school already upon us, you may find yourself in a familiar spot – scrambling to get your child’s school supplies, new clothes and, yes, immunizations.

While it’s a busy time of year, getting immunizations is an important part of keeping your child healthy. Early screenings and immunizations save lives every day. It’s also a good opportunity to think about your own health and let your insurance work for you.

Simple Screenings and Immunizations Save Lives

No one plans for life-threatening diseases or conditions. But many of them, like breast cancer or diabetes, can be treated successfully if caught early.

Every BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee plan provides preventive health services for a variety of conditions, from diabetes to cancer to the flu. Most have no copayments, making the services free with your plan.

As a BlueCross member, you can use the benefits that are provided to you at no extra charge. Some of the preventive care that you may get free with your plan includes

  • Annual wellness exams (yearly checkups, well-child visits and immunizations)
  • Annual dental and vision exams for children 18 and under
  • Mammograms
  • Colorectal screenings
  • Diabetes screenings
  • Flu shots
  • Prostate screenings
  • Cardiovascular screenings

3 Tips for Using Your Benefits

  • Check immunization requirements. Find out if your child is required to have immunizations before schools starts. You can find out which immunizations your child needs on the Tennessee Department of Health website.
  • Make it a family affair. Don’t just check your child’s immunizations off the list – get the entire family involved. Schedule your own annual wellness exam and encourage other family members to get recommended screenings as well.
  • Find the right doctor for your family. If you need help knowing where to start, simply use our Find a Doctor tool to search for providers and family physicians in your network. You can search for a doctor by location and specialty, review ratings and get directions and contact information. Just be sure to request a wellness exam and explain what preventive service you are requesting when you call to make your appointment.

Educate Yourself

If you’re curious about what screenings you may need or how immunizations can protect you and your family, visit Here, you can get the help you need to request screenings, handle health issues, understand symptoms and learn more about the health topics that matter to you most.

When it comes to managing your health, you want to know your options and be in charge. We can help. Simply contact us if you have any questions about your BlueCross benefits.

For employers: Wellness programs are regulated by federal and state law. Consult your legal counsel before implementing any program component.

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