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Healthy Halloween – 7 Tips & Tricks for Parents

Most Halloween activities revolve around candy — but they don’t have to.

Here are 7 tips for creating a healthier Halloween for your family.

1. Ditch the pillowcase

Purchase small canvas tote bags and let kids decorate them with paint, markers and craft materials. Customizing the bags will be fun and will allow you to downsize the amount of candy they’ll collect without anyone being the wiser.

2. Eat dinner first

It’s easy to overindulge on an empty stomach. Make sure kids fuel up before they go trick-or-treating so they won’t come home hungry, holding a bag full of candy. Cast-iron chili is a healthy, crowd-pleasing option for fall.

3. Get festive in the kitchen

There are dozens of healthy ways to cook up Halloween goodness from pumpkin caramels to “spider bites” to bright orange sweet potato chips.

4. Bring in books

Create a Halloween tradition that doesn’t involve candy. Let each family member pick a spooky story, light some candles and read them aloud.

5. Do some good by giving

Build generosity into your Halloween tradition by having kids pick a place to donate half of the candy they collect. Deliver it to your local police or fire station, nursing home or children’s hospital — just make sure to call and ask if donations are OK before arriving with candy and a kid in tow.

6. “Buy” it back

“Buy back” candy from your child with tokens they can trade in for a fun and healthy activity, such as a day at the zoo, an afternoon at the park or an ice skating trip.

 7. Set a one-and-done rule

On Halloween, let kids indulge, but set a family rule that every day after that, kids can select one piece of candy from their stash to enjoy. It’s a great way to teach kids moderation and self-control.

Ashley Brantley

Ashley Brantley

Ashley Brantley has been writing about food, culture and health for more than a decade, and has lived in three of Tennessee’s four major cities (Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville). As Content Producer/Writer at bohan Advertising, she is a writer, editor and social media strategist.

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