How to Get Reenergized to Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions

Has the excitement you felt on January 1 to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions already faded? You’re not alone. As much as you’d like to be a new you for the new year, it’s hard to make changes and reach your goals.

If you’re looking to renew your motivation to achieve your goals, check out these tips.

Review Your Reasons

Whenever you’re feeling unmotivated, review the reasons you set your goals in the first place. This exercise can help you bring your resolutions into focus. Get specific with your reasons.

Do you want to feel more comfortable jumping into the pool with your kids? Are you trying to control your cholesterol because you know your kids and grandkids depend on you? The reasons behind your goals can be the most powerful motivators.

Set Smaller Goals

Does your list of resolutions include losing 20+ pounds, eating vegetables at every meal, running a marathon and more? While it’s great to have big goals, making the drastic lifestyle changes that comes with them can quickly become overwhelming.

Instead break your big goals into small actions. Want to start exercising more? Instead

of telling yourself that you’re going to start going to the gym every day, set a smaller goal to go on a walk a few times a week. Smaller goals will seem less daunting and in time, will help you achieve your larger goals.

Make It Public

Many people find success in publicly stating their goals or new habits. You become accountable and are less likely to cheat or quit your new habits if you have a standard to live up to. So if you’re trying to eat healthier, post about it on Facebook. Then, if you post about your macaroni and cheese a week later, you’ll probably get some encouraging comments!

Call on Your Support Network

Having the support of your family and friends is critical if you want to reach your health goals. Share your goals with those you trust and ask for their support and help. Having other people to call on during moments of temptation, stress or weakness can make all the difference.

Check out support groups on social media, too. You can likely find a group that works for your specific plan, like starting a Paleo diet, and the group will quickly change from strangers to allies in your journey to better health.

How do you stay motivated to reach your goals? Let us know by commenting below.

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