Making the Most of the Memphis Riverfront

The Mississippi River is the second-longest river in the United States and runs through much of the Southeast, serving as a top attraction — especially the Memphis riverfront. It shapes the western border of the city, running next to Riverside Drive downtown and can be accessed by many parks in the Memphis area.

You can enjoy five miles of public land along the riverbank, including the following parks:

    • Mud Island River Park
    • Greenbelt Park
    • Mississippi River Park
    • Vance Park
    • Memphis Park
    • Butler Park
    • Tom Lee Park
    • Martyr’s Park
    • Ashburn-Coppock Park
    • Crump Park
    • Chickasaw Heritage Park

Mud Island River Park

Although each of these parks features its own unique attractions, Mud Island River Park remains a primary destination for tourists and locals alike. Check out this park’s Riverwalk attraction, which is a scale model of the Mississippi River and features historical events that happened on or near the river. This is bound to be the most educational five-block walk you’ve ever taken. After following the Riverwalk south, climb aboard one of the pedal boats. From the one-acre water area, you can appreciate the best view of the Memphis skyline at your own pace. Be sure to capture a great view of the city with a trip on the park’s monorail as well. These Swiss-made cabins take passengers at a leisurely pace through the views of downtown Memphis, the river and the park itself.

Enjoying the Riverfront

Year-round, this area provides the perfect setting for a wide range of activities. During the summer, try nautical activities such as canoeing, fishing, sailing and kayaking along the river. For local families in the chillier months, take in the simple scenery with a dose of exercise to stay warm. Most people walk, jog and bike next to the river. When looking for a place to kick back and relax, join the hundreds of people who go to the Memphis riverfront to read, paint or simply observe the calm of nature.

Check out these articles about what Memphis has to offer before planning your next trip.

Take a Trip on a Riverboat

Consider scheduling a riverboat trip. There is no better way to experience the historic area than through a leisurely journey on the water. The largest steamboat in the world, the American Queen, is located in Memphis. Book a trip down the river on this famous craft for a fun family adventure.

Mississippi River Museum

A river as long as the Mississippi has many stories to tell. Learn more about its history at the Mississippi River Museum. This comprehensive facility features 18 galleries that all tell the tale of the river that helped shape a vital part of the United States.

Riverfront Bar and Grill

Last but not least, enjoy your favorite Southern cuisine along the water at the Riverfront Bar and Grill. This restaurant specializes in Southern food made only with the freshest ingredients. Take note of the Beale Street Bologna sandwich and blackened catfish, which are true Southern staples at their best.

Planning a Trip

Every year, Memphis hosts hundreds of riverside events, from concerts to tours. When planning a trip, be sure to view the Memphis Riverfront’s calendar of events. Both locals and tourists can enjoy all the Memphis riverfront has to offer.

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