Press Releases

  1. BlueCross Medicare Advantage Quality Program Recognizes Primary Care Physicians for Superior Patient Care Outcomes

  2. Statement on Class Notice for the Legal Settlement with Blue System Subscribers

  3. BlueCross Foundation Selects Two Additional COVID-19 Campaigns for Funding

  4. BlueCross, East Tennessee State University Launching BlueSky Tennessee Institute

  5. BlueCross Foundation Funds Three COVID-19 Vaccination Campaigns

  6. BlueCross Joins Organizations Nationwide In Recommending Improvements to Disaster Preparedness and Response

  7. BlueCross Listed as One of Nation’s Best Large Employers

  8. BlueCross Ranked A National Best Employer for LGBTQ Equality

  9. BlueCross Foundation Funds Meharry Health Equity Research

  10. BlueCross Foundation Opens RFP for COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign Funding