Matt’s First Impressions: Misfit Shine

Matt is one of our BlueCross employees testing five popular fitness trackers and sharing his experiences so you can make a better choice about which one is right for you.

For most people, becoming a parent is life-changing in many different ways – especially when it comes to your health. It can be easy to neglect your health when no one else is depending on you.

That was true for Matt, one of our employee testers. When he was just 21, he wasn’t making great choices. He drank four to five sodas a day and never exercised. His doctor told him he had prediabetes, high cholesterol and an increased risk for a heart attack. So Matt stopped going to the doctor.

“That was in 2003, but I knew that mindset had to change the day my daughter was born in 2007. I knew I couldn’t become healthy overnight though,” said Matt, who reconsidered his doctor’s advice after becoming a parent – losing more than 60 pounds after taking up running.

Easy-to-Use Goal Setting

“Since beginning my journey towards good health, I learned there are tools that can help you set and achieve goals. So you can bet I was happy to test out some fitness trackers for BlueCross.”

Matt’s been using the Misfit Shine. If the thought of using a fitness tracker intimidates you, the Misfit Shine might be the device for you.
“I’ve used devices that are a chore to set-up and use – the Misfit Shine is not one of them,” explains Matt. “The instructions were straight-forward and set-up was quick. You’ll get immediate access to the number of steps and distance you’ve achieved anytime of the day. I run longer distances, and so far the tracker has been pretty accurate.”

Matt has competed in marathons and half-marathons since his transformation, and he compliments the goal-setting feature of the Misfit Shine.

“It’s easy to set goals and make adjustments if they’re too hard or easy,” he said. “It’s fun to share achievements with your family. My wife and kids are my biggest fans as I train so I’m motivated by their support as I share my progress with them.”

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Sleep-Tracking Feature Stands Out

The most surprising feature of the Misfit Shine helped Matt improve his sleep schedule. “The sleep-tracking feature was a little creepy at first. It tracks every bit of movement while you sleep,” Matt explains. “But it’s interesting once you understand how quality of sleep relates to your daily activity and workouts. If you’re not sleeping well, it can show throughout the day, and you can use the information the tracker provides to try to make adjustments.”

Whether you’re training for a race or just kicking it around on the weekends, Matt calls the device ‘simple and easy-to-use’ but also chuckles when talking about how it fits.

“It has a very strong magnet so while it’s great that you can attach it almost anywhere, it can stick to other things,” he said. “You won’t notice it unless it sticks to something else. Really there’s really nothing negative to say about this device. It can fit in well with even the busiest lifestyle, which goes a long way when you’re trying to stay healthy.”

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Consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program.

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