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My COVID-19 vaccine story: Roy Vaughn

This is part of a series that will share real stories of people who have decided to get a COVID-19 vaccine – how did they decide, what was it like and how are they feeling now? Roy Vaughn, BlueCross SVP and chief communications officer, knew all along that he was going to get the COVID-19 vaccine. For him, it was a small way to do his part in slowing the spread of the virus, protecting his friends and loved ones, and helping things get back to normal as soon as possible. “Getting the vaccine was not a difficult choice at all. I decided very early on that I would do it,” he says. “I tracked the development and approval processes of the various vaccines. I trusted the experts, especially the ones I know, and I hope others will do the same.” Here’s what Roy had to share about his decision to get the vaccine and his experience. How I decided to get a vaccine While my family and I have been very fortunate and none …

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