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Thank you Koo Koo Kanga Roo!

Many a Tennessee public school teacher has that thought about the snappy singing duo, stars of numerous GoNoodle activity break videos.

Once they appear onscreen, fidgety kids are laser-focused on dancing along with them.

That excess energy gets channeled for about five minutes of class time, and afterward students are ready to focus on the day’s lessons.

More than 100 different GoNoodle brain breaks are available, with many different characters, both live action and animated.

Some work spelling or math into the fun; some focus on deep breathing and calming meditation; some get kids running or jumping in place, stretching or dancing.

“We all know that healthy students are better learners,” says Lori Paisley, director of Coordinated School Health. “Students love GoNoodle.”

“Teachers have an appropriate activity that doesn’t require a lot of preparation on their part. It’s available to any school in the state that wants to use it and we’ve seen great success with it.”

Read more about the programs helping kids get healthy in Tennessee here.

Photos by Sheri Oneal.


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