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BlueCross By the Numbers

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee is a not-for-profit health plan founded in 1945. Today, we serve 3.5 million people across the state and around the country.

Here are a few fast facts about BlueCross:

How BlueCross performs

Learn more about our corporate performance, community impact, and diversity efforts by downloading our annual reports.

How BlueCross spends premium dollars


We used 86 cents of each premium dollar to pay for our members' medical services.

Read more about how we used members’ premium dollars in 2017.

How strong reserves protect our members

Our 3.5 million members want and expect us to perform well operationally and financially. They want to know we have the financial means to cover health care claims regardless of the economy’s ups and downs. We’ve built our reserves over seven decades to provide peace of mind to our members.

Because we are not owned by investors, we have a unique ability to earn smaller profit margins – averaging 1.7 percent over the past five years – and a responsibility to maintain healthy reserves. This is especially important because we don’t have access to capital markets and cannot raise funds on an as-needed basis.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance requires that we maintain $1.9 billion in reserves to ensure BlueCross and its subsidiaries could pay all claims and sustain business, even in case of emergency, disaster or cyclical downturn of business. We have an additional $412 million in unassigned reserves.

  • $122 – the amount BlueCross holds per member in unassigned reserves (above what is legally required) 
  • 63 – the number of days that BlueCross’ minimum required reserves could cover members’ claims
  • 76 – the number of days that BlueCross’ total reserves could cover members’ claims

Download our 2017 financial performance overview.

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