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Jump, Jive & Learn

In Tennessee public schools, one creative program is helping kids channel energy and refocus.

GoNoodle offers short desk-side physical activities help teachers manage their classroom and improve student performance.

More than 100 different brain breaks are available, featuring many different characters, both live action and animated.

Below are 4 of Tennessee’s popular brain breaks:

Fresh Start Fitness

This rocking workout pumps up the volume with infectious guitar riffs and rhythmic drum beats to help students get fired up.

Squats, lunges and full-on sprints let kids channel their excess energy, while the higher level of physical exertion stimulates blood flow to the brain.

Mega Math Marathon

Students run a virtual marathon over a period of time as they practice math.

They inch closer to the finish line by answering questions about geometry, algebra, measurements and more.

Distance running teaches kids how to train their minds and manage their energy.


A robot guide provides a spelling challenge, and students respond by making letter shapes with their bodies.

This bending and twisting leads to laughter, but there’s serious work underway.

These exercises can improve brain coordination and lead to better academic performance.

Hungry Flamingo

As students follow along with Maximo, the character above, they loosen up their muscles and learn to balance in a series of challenging poses.

Stretching activities can help kids release stress, minimize injuries, and improve their range of motion.

Learn more about programs that are fostering fitness in Tennessee.

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