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Moving Out of the Classroom

Isaac Mobley just couldn’t stop singing this song:

My hands are high
My feet are low
And this is how I Pop See Ko

His mom, Melissa, noticed that her son wasn’t alone.

All the neighborhood kids loved to sing that strange little song — and did a dance with it, too.

“I asked him what it was, and he told me it was something they did at school on the computer,” Melissa says.

“That’s how I learned about GoNoodle. He wanted to do the exercises at home, too. So we got online to sign up. I looked through the content and felt good about what they were doing.”

These five-minute videos, used to get the wiggles out so kids can focus on lessons in the classroom, turn out to be just as valuable at home.

On rainy days or blistering hot days, they give kids a way to be active.

“We try to make healthy lifestyle a priority for our whole family,” says Melissa.

“And as a busy parent you have to use all of the tools available to make it work.

“GoNoodle is a great one, with age-appropriate content that keeps them active and learning.”

Isaac was in kindergarten when he first told his mom about GoNoodle.

Now entering third grade, he has seen the number and variety of videos grow along with his interests.

His sister, Eleanor, 6, joins in to compete on some of the learning games, while Finnegan, 3, has his own favorites.

“My 3-year-old requests GoNoodle almost every morning,” Melissa says.

“He loves dancing to Kitty High Five. My older two love the yoga and the Olympic race. And they are really into Mega Math Marathon and Montana James right now. It gets them moving and learning so that is a big win for this mom.”

Sometimes the whole family GoNoodles together.

“Fair warning to parents who bring GoNoodle into their homes,” Melissa adds. “Your kids will have a great time learning and burning energy, but you may end up with Pop See Ko stuck in your head for a week.”

Photos by Patrick Sheehan.

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