4 Exercise Classes Every Man Should Try Once

You might not know it from looking in the studio, but there’s no “Women Only” sign on the door of most Pilates or Barre classes. And if you’re someone who steers clear of the workouts because you think they’re easy, you might be missing out.

Activities like Barre and yoga can be tailored to an individual’s strength, so you can get a great workout regardless of your fitness level. Others, like spinning, are downright challenging for everyone.

Going to a new exercise class helps work muscle groups that might otherwise not get much attention and can keep a fitness routine from turning stale. Plus, there’s nothing like something different to take you outside of your comfort zone for a little bit of personal growth.

Where should you get started? Here are four workouts that every man should try.

Sculpt Your Abs with Pilates

In pursuit of a six pack? With its focus on core strengthening exercises, Pilates can help you get it. In addition to slimming your stomach, it can improve your posture and flexibility while helping reduce back and neck pain.

Boost Your Balance with Barre

A professional ballerina first developed this workout, but don’t expect to do pirouettes. Barre classes can help sculpt lean muscles with traditional bodyweight exercises like pushups and planks.

Work Your Lower Body with Spin

If you’re a fan of running, spinning offers the same heart-pumping benefits. Spin classes can also do wonders for your lower body by strengthening your glute, thigh and calf muscles.

Increase Your Range of Motion with Yoga

Plenty of men shy away from yoga because they aren’t flexible. But a regular yoga session can help change that, leading to big benefits in other areas of your well-being. Having good range of motion helps your muscles work more effectively, which, according to Mayo Clinic, boosts your efficiency in other types of exercise and reduces your risk for a sidelining injury.

Make sure to try a new fitness class this year. You may just walk away from your first class feeling stronger and healthier.

Consult your doctor before beginning any 
diet or exercise program.

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