5 Tricks for Getting Your Kids to Drink More Water

Want an easy way to quickly improve your child’s health? Give him or her a glass of water. Water is crucial for good health, especially for children. But getting your child to drink water regularly can be a challenge. Check out these helpful tips on getting your child into the habit.

Make it Fun

When compared to fizzy sodas or brightly colored juice drinks, water isn’t always very appealing to kids. The answer? Make it fun. Give your child a special water cup or a fun straw to add some color and excitement to the drink.

Try creating a game with your child around drinking water. You can use colorful or decorative cups with characters on them. Tell your child to drink to a certain marker on the cup, whether it’s a character’s shoes or a shape on the cup. This will give your child a goal and make him or her feel more successful when they finish their drink.

Make a Gradual Change

If your child is already accustomed to drinking other beverages during the day, it may be a hard transition to switch just to water. Our suggestion is to make this a gradual change. Try replacing just one daily juice with water to start with and then work your way up according to your child’s needs.

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Be a Role Model

Kids are very observant and tend to learn more by example than words. It’s important when creating new habits with your child that you practice what you preach. When they see their parents enjoying a glass of water, they might see it as more appealing. Setting a good example for your child helps both of you become healthier.

Make Water Easily Accessible

Whether you provide your child with a way to refill a water bottle or purchase disposable bottles, it’s important that they can get to it when they’re thirsty. Try getting your kids involved in the process and allow them to fill up their own cups or bottles with water. It may be messy at first, but this can give kids a sense of independence and get them excited to fill up their cups.

Add Fruit for Flavor

Many kids tend to reject the idea of water because they don’t like the taste. Add flavor by adding in some fresh or frozen fruit. You can even replace ice cubes with frozen blocks of fruit. This adds a fruity kick to the water while also keeping it nice and cool. Once your child finishes the water, have them eat the fruit inside for added nutrition.

What are some of your struggles with getting your kids to drink more water? Let us know in the comments.
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