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9 Steps for Back to School Success

The transition from the lazy days of summer to the busy routine of the school year can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. You can help your family slide easily back into the swing of things with a few of these strategies:

1. Start your school year routines early.

Don’t wait until the night before the first day of school to switch to your school-year routine. Start a week or two beforehand. Return to your usual bedtimes so everyone’s bodies will have time to adjust. Wake your kids up in the morning around the same time that you’d wake them during the school year. By the time the first day of school dawns, everyone will be ready and less exhausted.

For more information about how much sleep your child needs, click here.

2. Take a tour.

If your child is attending a new school, ask if you can schedule a tour before school starts. Check out the classrooms, the cafeteria, even the playground. It might make your child (and you) feel more comfortable to get the lay of the land before the first bell rings.

3. Test drive your transportation.

No one wants to be late to school because of high traffic or unexpected construction along the way. Before school starts, pick a morning and drive or walk your family’s usual route to school. Take note of anything that might delay you, so you can plan an alternate route. (And don’t forget there will be more people driving at that time of day once school starts.)

If your child rides the school bus, make sure you know the bus number and the arrival time and location. Talk to your child about the importance of listening to the bus driver and obeying all the bus rules, such as staying seated on the bus at all times.

4. Set up a homework station.

Consistency is key when it comes to homework. One of the best ways to help your children stay on top of their homework is to set up a dedicated homework station. Find a quiet spot in your home. Stock the space with paper, pencils, highlighters, and any other supplies your child might need to complete their homework. Encourage your child to find other ways to decorate or personalize the space so they’ll be eager to use it.

5. Shop for school supplies.

If this is your favorite part of the back-to-school-routine, you’re not alone. But it can be expensive.The National Retail Federation predicts the average household will spend nearly $700 this year to get ready for school. Take advantage of sales and special deals to get the best prices on all the supplies and gear your kids will need. While the prices are lower, you might stock up on a few extra supplies to keep at home. You don’t want to run out of glue sticks or graph paper right before a big project is due.

6. Start the lunch prep.

What’s on the lunch menu? Make a shopping list and take your kids shopping for healthy lunchbox goodies. Show them how to make sandwiches and prepare other foods they can take to school. To give yourself a head start on each day, plan to pack lunchboxes the night before.

For more information on packing healthy lunches, click here.

7. Meet the teachers.

Introduce yourself to your child’s teachers and find out the best ways to communicate with them. Ask about their expectations for their students and parents, so you’ll be prepared. If your school holds an Open House night, be sure to attend! You’ll get to meet the teachers and administrators who work with your children.

8. Schedule a visit with the school nurse.

If your child has a health issue, like asthma or allergies, schedule an appointment with the school nurse to discuss your child’s care plan. You may have to provide signed forms from your child’s doctor about their medications and treatments. Make sure that everyone’s clear about what to do in an emergency situation, too.

9. Talk to your child.

Some kids love returning to school. Others get nervous. Talk to your child about their feelings, and encourage them to share any fears or concerns they might have.

If school is already underway for your family, don’t worry. You can adapt these strategies to make this school year a successful one. Make an effort to help your child get plenty of rest each night and eat a healthy lunch — so they’ll be prepared to learn. Stay in touch with your child’s school, so you’ll always be on top of all the latest news and assignments. And if you have concerns about anything, contact your child’s teacher to start a conversation.

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