Brian’s First Impressions: Garmin Vívosmart

Brian is one of our BlueCross employees testing five popular fitness trackers and sharing his experiences so you can make a better choice about which one is right for you.

It’s hard to believe that at one time, even the most seasoned athlete had to rely on a simple wrist watch, a pedometer or even driving a route in their car to get good information on their workouts.

Whether you’re already disciplined with your training or looking for a tool to help you get there, the Garmin vívosmart might catch your eye.

Our next fitness tracker tester, Brian, is a veteran to the running scene. While he may already be self-motivated to get up and moving, his busy lifestyle calls for a tracker that’s accurate, easy to use and extremely responsive.

Smart: It’s in the Name

“I can find some real value in some of the features of the vívosmart,” Brian describes. “I may only check my activity during a workout, but it has some qualities that are definitely smart and help keep me balanced and organized.”

Brian’s top three vívosmart features:

  • Easy-to-understand text display
  • Bluetooth connectivity to phone
  • Comfortable, waterproof fit

“I really like how the vívosmart displays text instead of mysterious icons or dots,” he says. “The Bluetooth connectivity allows me to check my email and messages from my wrist as well. And if I listened to music during a workout, I could control it from my wrist.”

At set-up, Brian notes you need to be able to go to a specific website and submit your email or phone before you can use the vívosmart. There’s also the Garmin Connect app you can use, but as Brian explains, everything you need to see is visible on the text display.

“Just a few taps and you can scroll through everything. The waterproof feature makes it easy to wear all the time without worrying about damaging it, and it’s comfortable enough to wear while you sleep without noticing it.”

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Reveal Your Sleep and Sitting Habits

Not only can the vívosmart cheer you on while you achieve your goals, it can tell you a thing or two about your sleep and sedentary patterns.

“It’s pretty intuitive so if you’re not very active one day or haven’t been sleeping well, it will tell you,” Brian explains. “The same thing happens if you’re very active and getting good sleep – the vívosmart will tell you immediately and make adjustments to your goals so you can steadily increase your activity and maintain good sleep quality.”

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