Free Apps to Guide You to Healthy-Eating Habits

Whether you need help picking healthier packaged foods at the supermarket, figuring out healthy menu ideas, finding restaurants that meet your dietary needs, there’s a lot to learn about eating right. Here are five free healthy-eating apps that can help.

For Smarter Food Shopping

Is this cereal, yogurt or energy bar the best choice for me? Figuring out the answer when I was standing in the supermarket aisle wasn’t easy, but healthy eating apps like Shopwell, which was built by registered dietitians, helped me.

I created a personalized plan to learn which foods are best for my eating goals, and me. Then I scanned the products to find out whether they met my needs or preferences. Don’t forget to connect your grocery store loyalty card to automatically receive money-saving recommendations.

For Healthier Cooking

Yummy’s mouthwatering food photos might draw you in first, because they did me. It’s the giant collection of delicious, healthy recipes that kept me coming back for more ideas.

Say I needed an Asian-inspired vegetarian entree, or an Italian appetizer that’s also gluten-free? No problem — this app serves up personalized recommendations based on my dietary needs and taste preferences. If I feel like browsing for future inspiration? That works too — I saved the recipes I liked to my recipe box for later use.

For Dining Out

Tasteful serves up more than 3.5 million healthy options from some 250,000 restaurants in 8,000 cities across the country. That means the minute I downloaded their app, the age-old problem of finding a restaurant with good-for-you fare became a lot easier to navigate. I entered my dietary needs, cuisine preferences and location — and let the app do its delicious magic.

Building Healthier Habits — From the Ground Up

If your goal is to get — and stay — healthy without counting calories like me, Foodstand can help. Using the power of behavior science, the app made it easy for a clean eating beginner like myself, to build better habits that lead to lasting, positive change.

I got started by picking a challenge, like eating less sugar or drinking more water. After learning about the potential health benefits, I joined Foodstand working to form new habits one step at a time.

For an All-in-One Resource

Meet Fooducate, the one-stop healthy eating shop. This app helped me track my food and activity levels so I could track progress toward my goals. The gigantic database made it easy to get the scoop on packaged foods and find healthy recipes.

There is also a great community based feature I discovered where you could educate yourself based off of real life stories and tips from others who use the app. This allows you to draw encouragement from others and seek advice when needed.

Which healthy-eating apps have you used to build a healthier lifestyle?

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