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What Happened When I Took My Husband to Barre Class

Running on the treadmill day after day? Not for me. I love trying new workouts. I get bored easily, so I’ve tried everything from kickboxing to yoga to Brazilian dance-fighting (Yes, it’s a real thing. It’s called Capoeira and you can learn more about it here).

A few years ago, I met someone else who was equally enthusiastic about trying new workouts, and as any smart woman would do, I married him immediately. His name is Anthony and we’ve had a number of fitness adventures together. We’ve joined a CrossFit gym, attended yoga classes, and taken a boot camp course.

A Dare to Barre

I’d gone to a few barre sessions recently and while the classes were mostly women, I knew the core-strengthening, quad-sculpting workout would challenge a man just as much as it challenged me. I dared Anthony to skip one of his weekly strength training sessions to attend a class with me, and after little convincing, he accepted.

Barre combines movements from ballet, yoga and Pilates to improve your posture and increase flexibility and strength. During a typical class, you’ll do exercises that target your core and lower body at a barre, a long wooden rod attached to a wall.

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What Happened at Barre Class


Anthony and Mary at barre class.

Anthony hung in there for the full hour-long class and got just as good of a workout as I did. Barre might have been even more challenging for him because the high-rep, low-intensity workout was the opposite of his usual weight-heavy, CrossFit-inspired gym routine.

But the best part was that we got to laugh at ourselves together. As much as we’ve tried to stay in shape during our three years of marriage, we most definitely have not practiced our rhythm or footwork. Bravely attempting the series of pliés and relevés together was a good leg workout, but I think my abs got more of a burn just from laughing so hard.

An Equal Opportunity Workout

So, would I recommend barre for men? Definitely. Barre is by no means a ladies-only workout, and I’m a firm believer that trying new things is good for everyone’s mental and physical health.

Furthermore, if there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my marriage, it’s that growing together sometimes requires getting out of your comfort zone, which is why I’m joining Anthony and his friends in a game of touch rugby next weekend. Game on!

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