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Celebrating our TeamBlue volunteers

April is National Volunteer Month, and at BlueCross, we’re celebrating the contributions our TeamBlue volunteers make each day. 

In 2023, employees donated more than 11,800 hours of their time  to 351 organizations helping their neighbors and communities across Tennessee. 

As part of our recognition, we spoke to some of our volunteers about how they give back and why volunteering with TeamBlue is important to them.

Christopher Clemons, Chattanooga 

Business Analyst, SCD Outreach and Retention 

7 years at BlueCross 

TeamBlue team builder event participant 

“Volunteering is a way to give back to the community and help others in need. Money is valuable, but giving time is priceless. The team builder events we’ve had have really improved the dynamics of our team — some of our team members had never met in person before we volunteered together. These events have allowed us to work on something away from our desks and get to know each other on a ‘real person’ level, not just the face in the box on a Teams meeting.” 


Kathryn Myrick-Jones, Memphis 

Supervisor, Behavioral Health Quality Management 

9 years at BlueCross 

TeamBlue Gives winner 

“TeamBlue volunteering is a standout benefit at BlueCross. As someone who values volunteering, I appreciate the ease it brings. Pre-planned opportunities and established connections through our Community Relations team simplify the process of giving back. With a range of time commitments and types of activities available, I can sign up and show up without barriers! Plus, volunteering with TeamBlue fosters connections with coworkers, even in a remote-first work environment. It’s been a joy to engage in volunteer activities with my friends and coworkers and meet other fantastic BlueCross employees.” 

Haley Wilson, Chattanooga 

BlueSky Recruitment Coordinator 

2 years at BlueCross 

Skills-based volunteering 

“My role at BlueCross is all about building relationships with the Hamilton County Schools community. Volunteerism allows me to expand my outreach, foster new connections and spread the word about the BlueSky program. I’m always drawn to the opportunities to get out into the Chattanooga area and strengthen my roots here. I fell in love with the city when I moved here during college, and I’d always wanted to be involved in community events but never felt comfortable jumping in until I found TeamBlue volunteering. I feel so fortunate to have found a home with BlueCross, and I’m grateful for the experiences it has provided.” 

Sarah Funderburk, Jackson 

Katie Beckett Nurse Care Manager 

4 years at BlueCross 

Community Action Team member 

“To me, volunteerism means being part of something bigger than myself and making my little part of the world a better place. It’s very personal to me. I have a close family member who has struggled with addiction and has lived on the streets without housing at various times in his life. Someone, multiple someones, fed him when we couldn’t find him and gave him clothes when we couldn’t. Someone chose to help him knowing he’d likely make a bad decision. Instead of judging him and his circumstances, someone looked on him with compassion and helped when we couldn’t. So, organizations like Area Relief Missions, which we’ve supported with donation drives, and RIFA, which feeds those in need, are very near and dear to my heart. I’m forever grateful to those who helped my family member, and I will forever pay it back by volunteering and giving to missions that help men and women in similar situations. TeamBlue is a big part of that.” 

Tonya and her daughter, Mylan

Tonya Hutchins, Chattanooga 

Associate Business Analyst, Membership & Marketing Technology 

13 years at BlueCross 

Virtual volunteering 

“Volunteering opens doors to connections with strangers, enriching both my life and my community. Through my volunteer work, I’ve found parallels with my role at BlueCross, where assisting those in need is paramount. I strive to extend comfort and support, bridging the gap between the letters I write and the people who receive them, whether they are our members or simply my neighbors who need an encouraging word. Giving back is a passion I’ve passed on to my daughter, Mylan. She has also sent letters on behalf of BlueCross, and volunteering virtually through letter-writing campaigns is a project we enjoy together. It’s not just about helping others, but also about finding solace and fulfillment in the act itself.”

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