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Mission moment: handling the heavy lifting for a member

Our customer service representatives answer as many as 250 calls a week per representative during peak seasons. As part of our mission of peace of mind through better health, their goal is to make sure everything is answered for you – on the first call.

Every time Consumer Advisor Amber Nunez–Carthorn picks up the phone and connects with a member, she leaves no stone unturned and does her best to treat members the way that she would want someone to treat her.

“When I know a member is having an urgent issue, I like to do all the legwork for them,” Amber says.

That proved especially true when she recently answered the call of a member in immediate need of medication following outpatient surgery.

The member told Amber she was new to BlueCross – so new that she hadn’t received her ID card yet. She had just had a procedure that morning and needed to get her prescription for pain medication filled quickly, but wasn’t able to do so at the pharmacy.

Amber kept this member on the line while she called other BlueCross teams and the pharmacy. When she learned the member had not yet been entered into the pharmacy’s system, Amber made sure that the information was updated and that the prescription was filled.

Always going above and beyond

During the call, Amber took the member off hold frequently and kept her informed about all that was going on. Before ending the call, she ensured that the member had what she needed and no questions about next steps.

Our customer service teams strive for first call resolution, getting it right for members the first time, no matter how long the call may take or how many BlueCross team members need to be alerted. A big part of that process is making sure each member knows they’re not a number – they’re a person. Amber personifies these efforts.

“Amber is a rock star,” says the member. “She made it her mission to take care of my meds.”

Edie Johnson, operations supervisor in customer service, couldn’t agree more. “Amber did a phenomenal job,” Edie says. “It was all part of her job, but she took customer service to the highest level.”

As for Amber, she didn’t dwell on her success that day. After resolving this member’s issue, it was on to helping the next caller. She had no idea how happy the member was until she read about it in an email.

“That particular member was thrilled,” Amber says. “Knowing how grateful she was at the end of the day made the extra steps worth it.”

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