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Racism must end: standing in solidarity with the Asian community

A message from the BlueCross executive leadership team

The recent deadly attacks and violent harassment of Asian Americans and those of Pacific Islander heritage is creating tragic circumstances and fear for families and communities. It’s also once again bringing racism to the forefront of our national conversations.

These events are painful and traumatic for all involved, especially since the more vulnerable populations are being targeted and bearing the brunt of these attacks.

It’s our collective belief at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee that racism in any form, against any individual or group of people, cannot be tolerated and has to be stopped. Everyone has a right to live with dignity and free from fear, and there’s no place for prejudice, intolerance or violence in our company or throughout our communities.

BlueCross intentionally cultivates a workforce that reflects the people we serve, and fosters a culture that celebrates people of all races and ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities and generations. In keeping with our Power of We commitment to diversity and equality, we condemn these violent acts of racism. And we are committed to creating lasting social change for all Tennesseans. 

We stand with our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander employees, members, customer groups and business partners to denounce this violence. We support the diversity and needs of affected communities and individuals across Tennessee, throughout our region, and beyond.

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