BlueCross Medicare Advantage Quality Rewards Program Recognizes Primary Care Physicians for Superior Patient Care Outcomes

Doctors rewarded for cost-effective, quality outcomes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee’s Medicare Advantage Quality Rewards Program (QRP) recently recognized primary care physicians across the state for achieving exceptional patient care outcomes.

The program promotes improvement in quality and recognizes physicians for demonstrating an increase in quality measures over time. These health measures include preventive care, patient adherence with certain medications for treatment of chronic diseases and treatment support in specific areas, where a strong focus could lead to improvements in patient health.

A recent review of the BlueCross Medicare Advantage STARS 2016 quality data shows that the following providers are excelling in caring for BlueCross Medicare Advantage plan members with outstanding supportive treatment and appropriate preventive care.

The following 52 providers earned a 5 out of 5 Star rating. An additional 539 physicians received a 4 or 4.5 Star rating.

  • Indumeet B. Bal – Nashville
  • Ayrika L. Bell – Brentwood
  • Emily S. Burnham – Blue Ridge
  • Bradford L. Mitchell – Chattanooga
  • Nageswara R. Chunduru – Murfreesboro
  • Vivian M. Clark – Elizabethton
  • Michelle L. Davenport – Elizabethton
  • Wayne E. Moore – Mount Juliet
  • Jonathan T. English – Memphis
  • William A. Garrett Jr. – Johnson City
  • David P. Guthrie – Dyersburg
  • Anna K. Hopla – Martin
  • Jon C. Huebschman – East Ridge
  • Christopher E. Ingraham – Murfreesboro
  • Christopher D. Marshall – Parsons
  • William L. Martin II – Rutledge
  • Vicente Ortiz – Meadowview
  • Gibran B. Naddy – Columbia
  • Donald E. Robinson – Cleveland
  • Elaina D. Rodela – Cleveland
  • John D. Rudd – Smyrna
  • Pamela J. Sanders – Cookeville
  • Phillip A. Sherman – Union City
  • Wayne J. Stuart – Seymour
  • Amanda T. Moore Miller – Knoxville
  • Mark T. Weaver – Knoxville
  • Kayleigh M. Liton – Knoxville
  • James R. Landon – Knoxville
  • David J. Wasserman – Knoxville
  • Michael N. Wolff – Knoxville
  • Byron S. Cooke – Knoxville
  • Priyanka M. Gaikwad – Knoxville
  • Connie S. Nickelson – Knoxville
  • Kevin S. Toppenburg – Knoxville
  • Ahmad H. Altabbaa – Knoxville
  • Sung Yong Bae – Knoxville
  • Richard R. McBride – Knoxville
  • Steven J. Thompson – Knoxville
  • Phillippe Leveille – Knoxville
  • Phillip F. Mayette – Knoxville
  • Antonio L. Betanzos – Knoxville
  • Larry W. Cooke Jr. – Knoxville
  • Kendra L. Flowers – Knoxville
  • Niva Misra – Knoxville
  • Ernest Wong – Knoxville
  • Brandon W. Lancaster – Knoxville
  • Bimaje O. Akpa – Knoxville
  • Moses A. Swaucy – Murfreesboro
  • Stephanie J. Anderson – Memphis
  • Charles R. Tessier IV – Murfreesboro
  • Marcia D. Toppenberg – Greenville
  • James C. Wallwork – Columbia

“We are pleased to recognize these top performing Tennessee physicians along with many other providers who are committed to giving their patients the highest quality care every day,” said Dr. J.B. Sobel, vice president and chief medical officer of Senior Products at BlueCross. “We are proud to partner with these doctors who remain focused on improving their patients’ health and their quality of life.”

For a full list of Tennessee providers participating in the Quality Incentive Program, visit

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