Financial stewardship

  1. Why we’ve made a commitment to affordability over profit

  2. Financial discussion with customers

    High claims costs in 2021 add urgency to address demands for affordability

  3. BlueCross employee speaks with someone in our mobile service unit.

    Breaking down our 2018 financial performance

  4. Big doc group, BlueCross face off over contract

  5. BlueCross rates for individual plans may stabilize next year as markets steady

  6. How we used your premium dollars in 2017

  7. BlueCross economic impact Tennessee

    Beyond the mission: how we impact Tennessee’s economy

  8. BCBS of Tennessee to put $50M in tax savings toward lower premiums, new consumer tools

  9. BlueCross Team Blue in action

    How our 2017 charitable giving is making a difference across Tennessee

  10. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee to cut rates, provide new tools with tax savings

  11. Financial discussion with customers

    How we’re sharing our tax savings with our customers

  12. BlueCross Brenda Jones

    Starting at the center to transform health care spending

  13. What we know about health care costs

  14. What’s changing for 2017 individual/Marketplace plans

  15. What you need to know about 2017 Marketplace rates

  16. BlueCross Offers New Financial Planner Tool