Provider partnerships

  1. Why we’re renegotiating some of our provider network contracts

  2. provider negotiations

    We’re renegotiating with hospital-based providers to support affordable care

  3. We’re taking action on rising health care costs

  4. BlueCross Iman Grace

    Iman Grace: a champion for better health and a better Memphis

  5. BlueCross Sabrina Logan

    Sabrina Logan: from ‘least likely to join the military’ to confident team leader

  6. CHI Memorial and BlueCross Reach New Agreement

  7. Mother multi-tasking with infant daughter in home office

    What you need to know if CHI Memorial leaves our networks

  8. BlueCross, Sanitas Partner to Open Primary Care Medical Centers

  9. Setting the Record Straight about our Specialty Drug Program

  10. Response to Misleading Claims by the Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations about our Specialty Pharmacy Program

  11. BlueCross primary care op-ed

    Create a roadmap to better health with your primary care provider

  12. BlueCross specialty pharmacy facts

    7 key facts about our specialty pharmacy changes

  13. Why surprise medical billing happens – and how we can fix it

  14. Technology, teamwork key to improving patient outcomes

  15. Anesthesia group, BCBST quarrel puts Middle Tennessee hospitals in limbo

  16. BlueCross Medicare Advantage Quality Program Recognizes Primary Care Physicians for Superior Patient Care Outcomes

  17. Patient, providers, insurer coordinate to address chronic disease

  18. Tennessee’s largest insurer claims savings by focusing on most expensive patients

  19. BlueCross Brenda Jones

    Starting at the center to transform health care spending

  20. Starting at the center to transform health care spending