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Mission moment: one conversation, a world of difference

When LaWanda Turner contacts a member, she has an immediate objective.

“I want them to be able to tell over the phone that I’m smiling,” she says.

In her role as a health navigator, LaWanda introduces members to their BlueCross coverage, provides information about preventive care or case management, and even reaches out after there’s an event or change, like a hospital stay.

Health navigators also:

  • Assess member needs to engage them in appropriate programs.
  • Provide referrals to a nurse when appropriate.
  • Support members in their health self-management.
  • Help with care coordination.
  • Assist members with other BlueCross areas for ease of service.

LaWanda’s demeanor proved especially helpful with a member who had recently retired due to a health condition. Early in the conversation, LaWanda realized the member needed a better grasp of her preventive care benefits.

“I took note of so many things I should be doing for my health,” the member said in a call to BlueCross about LaWanda’s service. “She made my day.”

Compassion creates a connection

After listening to the member’s concerns and challenges in setting and getting to appointments, LaWanda called the member’s primary care doctor and scheduled screenings for her. Before long, she had appointments for a physical exam and three tests.

LaWanda explained incentives for completing a health assessment and setting goals with a health coach. She also arranged for calls by a case manager and a wellness coach.

“The member told me she never knew an insurance company did those things,” LaWanda says. 

“I try to go beyond questions I plan to ask. It’s about hearing what they need to talk about.”


Lighting the way for better health

LaWanda was also able to get the member to open up about why she wasn’t getting her covered dental care. She simply didn’t like going, and LaWanda understands the feeling.

“I told her I call my dentist ahead of a visit just to discuss the dental procedure and treatment I will be receiving and calm myself down,” she adds. “After that, she promised that she’d go.”

These extra steps show LaWanda’s passion for her job, says Alisha Moore, population health supervisor and LaWanda’s manager.

“This was an extensive call,” Alisha says. “The fact that she went so far as to help with dental questions really makes this stand out.”

That dedication made an impact on the member, as well.

“She made me feel important,” the member recalled. “I want you to know how appreciative I am of her professionalism and courtesy toward me.”

For her part, LaWanda loves helping others pursue better health.  “I try to deal respectfully and kindly with everyone,” she adds. “I want them to think ‘I have an awesome health plan.’”

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