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‘We’re with you’: behind the scenes of our new mission video

At BlueCross, we believe the key to serving our members and partners in Tennessee is having employees who are representative of and understand those same communities. Like you, we’re all juggling our own personal physical and mental health, as well as the needs of our families.

We also understand that in 2022, everyone’s reality looks different, especially compared with life before COVID-19.  Many of us are still getting accustomed to a new reality, whether that’s returning to offices and happily seeing colleagues in person again, or remaining in a work-from-home environment full of virtual meetings and hours that don’t fit neatly within an 8-5 window.

Three days, three employees, one mission to serve

Our mission video is a visual statement on who we are, what we stand for, and how we serve our members. 

This year, we featured three of our employees from across the state. The goal was to show them not only “on the clock” — whether working from their homes or within our offices — but also as real people going about their days and balancing the routines of their work and personal lives.

The result was a documentary-style look at a single workday for each of them, peppered with personal stories, passions and what motivates them to contribute to our mission of “peace of mind through better health.”

We wanted to show a range of routines and responsibilities across both our company and the state. The featured employees are:

  • Sabrina Logan, provider programs manager, Johnson City
  • Kerrington Wilson, research coordinator, Chattanooga
  • William Egner, behavioral health quality management supervisor, Memphis

Here’s a glimpse of their days, complete with everything from demanding cats to fresh doughnuts to a return to an actual office setting.

Our hope is that these employee stories resonate and help our members get to know us a little better.

“Life happens, and you just need to flow with it,” Sabrina says in the video. “We’re all in the same boat in life. And the journey continues…”

About Jesse Thompson, Senior Communications Specialist

A photo of the authorJesse joined the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee corporate communications team in 2017. A Chattanooga native, he has more than 15 years’ experience in content creation, management, and strategy for consumer audiences, including a six-year stint in health care marketing.

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