BlueCare-Sponsored Program Celebrates Successful Literacy Effort in Memphis Elementary Schools

BlueCare funding will help the initiative expand to other area schools 


MEMPHIS — BlueCare Tennessee is celebrating the successful completion of the first Hoot Reading literacy program at Memphis’ Double Tree Elementary as they expand their reach across multiple schools for additional enrollments.  

BlueCare is focused on supporting child literacy as part of its wider community improvement plan and chose Hoot Reading as its partner for that effort in the Memphis area. During the inaugural 2023 enrollment, 89 Double Tree students worked through more than 1,400 personalized Hoot Reading lessons, achieving significant word reading gains in basic and complex phonics skills. The second round of enrollment included more than 110 students at three different schools working toward their reading goals in online coaching sessions.  

“We know there is a link between academic achievement and overall well-being, so we wanted to help bring high-impact, evidence-based literacy support to Tennessee students,” said Jeremy Scruggs, BlueCare health promotions manager. “We selected Hoot Reading to provide 1:1 online tutoring for students of select schools at no cost to districts, families, or students.” 

“The success of enrollment one at Double Tree Elementary, sponsored by BlueCare Tennessee, is a testament to Hoot Reading’s mission to change students’ lives through literacy,” said Carly Shuler, co-founder and co-CEO of Hoot Reading. “We are honored to partner with an organization that cares deeply about student well-being and look forward to continuing this initiative with future enrollments.”  

School leaders noted that in the first week of the program, students embraced one-on-one sessions, showing eagerness and attentiveness. 

“Our trends and data reveal reading challenges due to foundational skill gaps,” said Double Tree principal Jacqueline Brown, who is in her second year of leading the school. “With 98% of our staff being new teachers with no teaching experience or background, it’s key that the Hoot intervention program not only aids students but supports teachers. The support from Hoot Reading and BlueCare Tennessee is invaluable, and we look forward to positive outcomes in our students’ reading skills.”  

Hoot Reading’s online literacy tutoring programs, sponsored by BlueCare Tennessee, will continue empowering Memphis-area students and bridging gaps in their reading journeys. Learn more about Hoot Reading’s dedication to transforming childhood literacy at  

About Hoot Reading  

Hoot Reading is the leading online tutoring service providing 1:1, evidence-based literacy instruction with qualified teachers. Incubated on a research project at the Nokia Research Lab with Sesame Workshop (the creators of Sesame Street) and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, Hoot Reading partners with school districts across North America to change children’s lives through literacy.  

About BlueCare Tennessee 

BlueCare Tennessee is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. Founded in 1993, the Chattanooga-based company focuses on managing care and providing quality health care products, services, and information for government programs. BlueCare Tennessee currently serves more than 600,000 members.  


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