Go Green: 7 Recipes to Add More Leafy Veggies to Your Diet

With tons of vitamins and minerals, lots of fiber and hardly any calories, it’s no secret that leafy greens are really good for you. But aside from the usual salad or sauté, what other types of kale and chard recipes are there?

Turns out there are plenty — and they’re easier than you may think. In fact, the best way to get more leafy greens in your diet is simply by adding them to the go-to dishes that you and your family already love. Working kale and chard into things like coleslaw, chili and mac and cheese is an easy, delicious way to serve more nutritious veggies while still pleasing picky eaters or those more accustomed to traditional fare.

Need some help getting started? Here are seven mouthwatering ideas for kale and chard recipes.

Toss Them Into Your Slaw

Kale and chard are hearty greens, so they make great stand-ins for some shredded cabbage in your favorite coleslaw recipe. Slice the leaves thinly — it helps them absorb more of the dressing so the greens get a softer, silkier texture. This recipe combines kale, chard and cabbage for a tasty, healthier slaw.

Do a Green Barbecue Side

Light and fresh, a side of sautéed kale or chard is the perfect balance for barbecue ribs or chicken. Try this basic recipe to make sautéed kale or try this one for sautéed chard topped with parmesan cheese. To make it extra special and flavorful, add salty, smoky flavor by crumbling a few strips of bacon on top. Your family is guaranteed to gobble up those greens.

Stir Them Into Your Chili

Whether you go mild or spicy, a few handfuls of chopped greens add extra texture, flavor and nutrition to your favorite chili. Insert the greens in towards the end of cooking, stirring until they just begin to wilt. This easy turkey chili with kale is a great recipe to start with.

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Make Mac and Cheese With Greens

You’ve seen macaroni and cheese with broccoli florets, so why not do it with kale or chard? Like broccoli, the greens give your macaroni a welcome nutritious punch without sacrificing flavor. All you need to do is steam or blanch your greens and fold them into your noodles and cheese sauce before baking. This recipe can be made with just one pot on your stovetop.

Try a Green Pizza

Instead of having a side salad with your pizza, try some greens on top of your pie. Sauté chopped kale or chard in olive oil with some minced garlic and red pepper flakes until the greens are just wilted. Then pile them straight onto your pizza. Experiment with pairing greens with other flavors, like chard and bacon or kale and pesto.

With a bit of creativity, it’s easy to work more greens into your favorite everyday meals. Just be sure to have plenty of extras on hand. With greens this good, your gang will certainly be asking for seconds.

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