1. BlueCross Cynthia Grimes HR

    Cynthia Grimes: Helping our leaders reach their true potential

  2. BlueCross Names Qualls as Director of Corporate Communications

  3. BlueCross names new vice president of BlueCare Plus

  4. BlueCare Plus Promotes Jason Lloyd to VP

  5. BlueCare Plus promotes Jason Lloyd to Vice President

  6. BlueCross names Privett to head service operations

  7. BlueCross selects Director of Service Operations for Member Benefits Administration

  8. Privett Named Director of Service Operations at BlueCross

  9. BlueCross promotes Geyer to director of corporate procurement

  10. Business digest: BlueCross names Dockery director of brand voice

  11. BlueCross selects Gardner as director of small group account management

  12. BlueCross Selects Gardner as Director of Small Group Account Management

  13. BlueCross names director of corporate governance

  14. BlueCross Names Dockery as Director of Brand Voice

  15. BlueCross Promotes Langston to Director of Corporate Governance, Corporate Secretary

  16. Business Digest: Andrews, Geyer promoted at BlueCross

  17. BlueCross Chooses Geyer for Director of Corporate Procurement

  18. BlueCross Selects Andrews as Director of Strategic Planning

  19. BlueCross promotes Andrews to director of strategic planning

  20. BlueCross Picks Baume as Director of Contract Development and Standards