member stories

  1. Mission moment: identifying and assisting a member in distress

  2. Mission moment: providing health-managing tools for a member with special needs

  3. Mission moment: ‘He went above and beyond for me’

  4. BlueCross behavioral health care

    4 ways to help improve mental health for at-risk populations

  5. BlueCross diabetes care management app

    How a new app helps us better serve our members with diabetes

  6. BlueCross colorectal cancer screening stubble fields

    How one screening led to the discovery of late-stage colorectal cancer — and an inspiring survival story

  7. BlueCross Aimee Rogers

    Aimee Rogers: helping members find their true potential

  8. BlueCross Angela Wooten

    Mission moment: an outreach call, friendship and a lifesaving test

  9. Whole-person approach improves health care

  10. From diagnosis to recovery: one member’s cancer and behavioral health journey

  11. BlueCross Tamala McDuffie

    Mission moment: how a social worker’s skills helped one member recover from surgery – and depression

  12. BlueCross Edith Costanza

    Mission moment: how 30 minutes of kindness made a world of difference

  13. BlueCross member Scott Johnson

    Mission moment: ‘I have never been so thankful for my health plan’

  14. BlueCross Kim Fink

    A day on the road with CHOICES Care Coordinator Kim Fink

  15. BlueCross Brett Smith

    Brett Smith and Rhoda Tummel: a CHOICES partnership results in ‘nothing short of a miracle’

  16. Patient, providers, insurer coordinate to address chronic disease

  17. BlueCross Kelly Hutchison

    From rock bottom to solid ground – one member’s story

  18. Adam Davis BlueCross

    Adam Davis: remembering a Gatlinburg wildfire rescue, one year later

  19. LaWanda Turner BlueCross

    Mission moment: one conversation, a world of difference