1. BlueCross Kim Fink

    A day on the road with CHOICES Care Coordinator Kim Fink

  2. BlueCross United Way Day of Caring

    Champions for the work of United Way

  3. BlueCross internships

    The journey begins: how BlueCross helps build careers via internships

  4. Conceptual illustration of rising graph lines and prescription medications

    Rising drug costs are taking more of every health care dollar

  5. AMG BlueCross network dispute resolved

    We’ve reached an agreement to keep AMG in our provider networks

  6. BlueCross 2018 Pinnacle winners

    Meet the employees we recognized for member service

  7. BlueCross Brett Smith

    Brett Smith and Rhoda Tummel: a CHOICES partnership results in ‘nothing short of a miracle’

  8. BlueCross Project Search

    Ready for the real world: Project SEARCH helps students with intellectual and learning disabilities

  9. Dr. Andrea Willis BlueCross

    Dr. Andrea Willis: from a ‘fluffy’ first patient to a public service career

  10. Photo of a young woman using a laptop and calculator while working from home.

    BlueCross will lower Individual/Marketplace rates for 2019