Press Releases

  1. Setting the Record Straight about our Specialty Drug Program

  2. Response to Misleading Claims by the Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations about our Specialty Pharmacy Program

  3. BlueCross Monitoring Novel Coronavirus Developments

  4. BlueCross Names Wilson as Vice President of Corporate Communications and Community Relations

  5. BlueCross Names Criswell as Vice President of Strategy and Innovation

  6. Rhonda Farriss Named Director of BlueCare Plus

  7. BlueCross Seeking to Recover $4.5 Million in Overpayments to Perry Community Hospital

  8. BlueCross Chooses Williams as Director of Medicare Advantage Health Services

  9. BlueCross Selects Zahrobsky as Director of Provider Programs and Services

  10. BlueCross Taps Savage as Director of Investment Management and Assistant Treasurer