Press Releases

  1. BlueCross Selects Moore to Lead Clinical Pharmacy

  2. BlueCross Appoints Sims to Lead Audit Role

  3. BlueCross Promotes Wicks to Lead Shared Services Teams

  4. BlueCross Reports 23.9 Percent of Members Fill an Opioid Prescription Annually in Tennessee

  5. BlueCross Medicare Advantage Quality Rewards Program Recognizes Primary Care Physicians for Superior Patient Care Outcomes

  6. Statement on Knoxville Marketplace Participation

  7. BlueCross Names Culver Treasurer and Chief Risk Officer

  8. BlueCross Gives Nearly $10.5 Million to Tennessee Organizations in 2016

  9. BlueCross Finance Team Launches Chattanooga State Scholarship with Diversity Focus

  10. BlueCross Earns National Award for Career Development Program