Employee stories

  1. BlueCross Dr. Vonda Harrison

    Dr. Vonda Harrison: a career built on cultures of value and integrity

  2. BlueCross Aimee Rogers

    Aimee Rogers: helping members find their true potential

  3. BlueCross Chanda Hurst-Davis

    Chanda Hurst-Davis: why members make her a part of their stories

  4. 20 Under 40: Trey White

  5. BlueCross Robert Thomas

    Robert Thomas: migrating ‘home’ to his southern roots

  6. BlueCross Wangsik Min

    Wang Min: helping our members by challenging himself

  7. BlueCross Tamala McDuffie

    Mission moment: how a social worker’s skills helped one member recover from surgery – and depression

  8. BlueCross Brittany Clay

    Brittany Clay: a warm demeanor ‘Right Here’ for our members and providers

  9. BlueCross professionals among graduates of Inclusion By Design Executive Leadership Program

  10. The Millers: why BlueCross runs in this family

  11. BlueCross Curtis Byrd vteran

    Curtis Byrd: an Air Force veteran serving members and his country

  12. BlueCross employee’s “Memories of War” shared

  13. Diversity is a connecting factor at BlueCross Blueshield of Tennessee.

    Employees share why BlueCross is a top workplace for women

  14. BlueCross Kim Fink

    A day on the road with CHOICES Care Coordinator Kim Fink

  15. BlueCross United Way Day of Caring

    Champions for the work of United Way

  16. BlueCross internships

    The journey begins: how BlueCross helps build careers via internships

  17. BlueCross 2018 Pinnacle winners

    Meet the employees we recognized for member service

  18. BlueCross Brett Smith

    Brett Smith and Rhoda Tummel: a CHOICES partnership results in ‘nothing short of a miracle’

  19. Dr. Andrea Willis BlueCross

    Dr. Andrea Willis: from a ‘fluffy’ first patient to a public service career

  20. BlueCross CHOICES Alison Fox

    Alison Fox: ‘I can’t think of anything that better suits my life’