Employee stories

  1. Brian Oney: finding his home and his future at BlueCross

  2. BlueCross Achhar Singh

    Achhar Singh: a lifetime of learning and supporting others

  3. Jermillya Farris

    Jermillya Farris: determination and BlueCross support lead to a college degree

  4. BlueCross employees evolving needs

    Responding to employees’ evolving needs leads to better job retention

  5. BlueCross Joe Anderson

    Joe Anderson: moving up – from across state lines

  6. Mission moment: providing health-managing tools for a member with special needs

  7. Naveh Eldar BlueCross

    Naveh Eldar: an advocate for empowering Tennesseans with disabilities

  8. Bonnie Jones: practicing efficiency to drive value to members

  9. Entrusted with real responsibilities: a Q&A with BlueCross interns

  10. BlueCross Shawanna Grant

    How an unwavering drive to succeed — and a little tuition assistance — boosted a career

  11. Mission moment: ‘He went above and beyond for me’

  12. Bluecross Donna Pugh

    Donna Pugh: from patching through Army communications to problem-solving for BlueCare Plus

  13. BlueCross 2022 mission video

    ‘We’re with you’: behind the scenes of our new mission video

  14. Meet 5 nurses who help bring peace of mind to our members

  15. BlueCross Team Award

    Meet the employees who enhanced how we serve our members

  16. Melissa Graham Chattanooga office

    Melissa Graham: hard at work on ‘a life’s assignment’

  17. How our employees celebrate Black health and wellness

  18. BlueCross job rotation program

    Shawnice Beard: how our job rotation program helped her achieve her career goals

  19. BlueCross Iman Grace

    Iman Grace: a champion for better health and a better Memphis

  20. Erika Hamby: finding fulfillment in an unexpected technology career