Employee stories

  1. BlueCross employees load donations they collected for the Chattanooga Area Food Bank

    BlueCross Employees Provide 10,472 Meals to Chattanooga Area Food Bank

  2. BlueCross Heather Vega

    Mission moment: putting fears to rest

  3. BlueCross Courtney Case

    Paid parental leave benefits employees – and their companies

  4. BlueCross Jack Khera

    Jack Khera: a world traveler finds a place to call home

  5. BlueCross parental leave benefits

    Why we offer paid parental leave benefits to our employees

  6. Lanise Hutchins BlueCross volunteer

    How one box of food led to a life of service

  7. BlueCross Brittany Fields

    Brittany Fields: a detective always on duty

  8. BlueCross Rachel Pescatore

    Rachel Pescatore: building BlueCross from the inside

  9. BlueCross Kelly Hutchison

    From rock bottom to solid ground – one member’s story

  10. BlueCross Stephani Ryan

    Stephani Ryan: looking back to see her way forward

  11. Nikki White: bringing ‘the best of both worlds’ to members

  12. Adam Davis BlueCross

    Adam Davis: remembering a Gatlinburg wildfire rescue, one year later

  13. LaWanda Turner BlueCross

    Mission moment: one conversation, a world of difference

  14. NBJ’s first-ever Employee of the Year is Stephani Ryan

  15. BlueCross employees who give back

    Young at heart: giving back to kids in the community

  16. BlueCross Heart Walk Group

    On the same beat

  17. Lisa Wright BlueCross

    Lisa Wright: serving others from sunrise to sunset

  18. Lisa Driver hero

    Lisa Driver’s journey: ‘It’s not a job – it’s a joy.’

  19. STEP-UP Chattanooga Interns 2017

    Stepping up: my summers as a BlueCross intern

  20. Care Coordinator Manager

    Sara Shular: leading a compassionate team by example