Employee stories

  1. BlueCross Sabrina Logan

    Sabrina Logan: from ‘least likely to join the military’ to confident team leader

  2. BlueCross Sailaja Birudavolu

    Sailaja Birudavolu: ‘I’m like Sherlock Holmes, always looking to solve difficult cases’

  3. Rafielle Freeman: ‘Real leadership doesn’t require a title’

  4. BlueCare Tennessee Rick Moore

    Rick Moore: a dedication to serving the most vulnerable Tennesseans

  5. Representation, identity and diversity: BlueCross families discuss their experiences

  6. BlueCross Cynthia Grimes HR

    Cynthia Grimes: Helping our leaders reach their true potential

  7. BlueCross Shirley Bryant

    Shirley Bryant: for many members and visitors, the face of BlueCross

  8. Jean Claire Doyle: Four decades of helping BlueCross employees achieve their goals

  9. Connie Gautreaux BlueCross

    Connie Gautreaux: an Air Force veteran reflects on a nearly 40-year investigative career

  10. BlueCross Charlie Steinhice

    Charlie Steinhice: Finding inspiration and solutions along roads less traveled

  11. Amber Cambron: How three decades of member stories have shaped her own

  12. Katie Valentino: shared experience helps members with behavioral health needs

  13. BlueCross nurse Catrice Walker

    Mission moments: How 5 BlueCross nurses serve our members

  14. BlueCross Names Moore as Director of Account Management

  15. BlueCross James Barksdale profile

    James Barksdale: protecting our members’ health information from cyber threats

  16. BlueCross Donna Williams executive assistant

    Donna Williams: ‘When you enjoy your job, it doesn’t seem like 43 years’

  17. BlueCross Names Owen as Director of Pharmacy Operations

  18. Why we’re ranked as a Forbes top 100 employer for diversity

  19. BlueCross LGBTQ ERG

    How we help our LGBTQ employees feel welcome and included

  20. kelsey-stovall

    Kelsey Stovall: tnAchieves mentor helps other students find academic success